The Ark = Floating city, hypercapitalist, above...
Heavenside = sprawling, ghetto below.

Starting Player Characters
Takumi, "The Eye" = an art dealer who works for "Das Oberschicht," a collection of wealthy art enthusiasts who hired him to assess art for quality and authenticity using both his natural talent and his cybernetic eye. They told him he could get an art show eventually, but it hasn't happened and he's burnt out, and so is his girlfriend, Gina.

Tony Kraft/Geppetto = Wants to live forever in a doll because he's always been sickly and small. He's a hacker/tech guy hanging out in his workshop on Heavenside, which he calls "the lifeboat."

Lillith- A fast, efficient, black market courier with a taste for the good life.

Oepida- A bored housewife (husband = Mucho) who gets a call from someone wanting her to find her ex-boyfriend's inheritance.

Starting Factions
The Grey League- Tek smugglers based out of the Ark. The head is always known as the Grey Man (even if it's a woman). They want to get out from under the thumb of Microsun, a high tech corporation with a lot of power on the Ark.

Das Oberschicht- A group of rich art enthusiasts who collect art solely for the thrill of spending money on it and distinguishing themselves. Their muscle is a big, bald, well dressed guy named Picasso.

The Hallowed- A gang of junkies (they do Shake, a hallucinogen and stimulant) who are high and unpredictable. Grik and Archon are big guys in it. They're a violent gang who is after Lilith because she moves through their territory so much. Congregate in drift between residential areas in Heavenside.

Trystero- A secret agency which controls communication between the Ark and Heavenside. They want to take out Microsun. Convinced that the inheritance of Kovax, Oedipa's ex-boyfriend, and agent Taylor is supposed to keep an eye on Oedipa. Agent taylor has a thing for her, though.

The Story
The Grey League makes a deal with Geppetto. The Grey League's tech guy Agent Dimitar is going to stay with Geppetto and watch him work on the sphere with the lights for two days. After that, Geppetto has to let them know what's up with it. When Geppetto examines it, it projects a hologram of the Thinker.

Oedipa heads to a hotel in the drifts that she and Kovax used to share to look for any information she can find. Just as she finds a notebook in a drawer, Agent Taylor from Trytero shows up, telling her to give him whatever she finds. He's super creepy, and she figures out that he's into her. She throws herself at him and they have sex, but after they're done, he nods off and she grabs the notebook which is a list of codes.

Lilith is going to a party thrown by Das Oberschict to find a way to get what she wants. She makes a deal with the head of Das Oberschict, "The Curator," to kill The Eye in an effort to take his place.

Beatrice (Be-eh-tree-che) is an artist who The Eye is meeting at the Lik Sang nightclub. She is going to be veiled. The Eye lies to her and tells her her art sucks so he can piss off Dad Oberschicht, but it was a set-up. They're there and they have a guy with a gun on him. He manages to get away.

He runs down an alley, right into Sebastian, who works for The Grey League. They tell him he has to go down and keep an eye on Geppetto. He doesn't want to, but they threaten him. So he goes down.

Lilith follows him and runs afoul of the Hallowed. They throw some grenades at her, but she deflects them back and blows the fuck out of Grik and Archon. This also freaks out Takumi, who sees the explosion.

Martha from Microsun and Takumi show up simultaneously at Geppetto's place. There's a Mexican stand-off and Dimitar shoots Martha, then brings in Takumi to look at the device.

Oedipa hightails it out of the hotel, leaving a confused Agent Taylor. When she gets home, she calls Trystero to ask them what's so important about Kovax's inheritance. Trystero shows her that they have video of her and Agent Taylor. She says she doesn't care. She says she'll give Trystero the codes if they tell her what's up. Trystero says they'll tell her what's up if she joins their organization.

Takumi takes a look at the device, identifies the hologram as Rodin's Thinker, then says he's going to leave. Takumi doesn't want him to, so he pulls out his guns. Takumi pulls out his gun to defend himself, but is distracted as one of Geppetto's sex dolls comes to life and says "are you ready for our date?" Takumi shoots the doll, but Agent Dimitar shoots Takumi in the leg. Takumi is hurting. As this is going on, though, Lilith creeps in behind them all, grabs one of Martha's guns, and shoots Agent Dimitar in the leg. Now Takumi AND Agent Dimitar are both lying on the ground bleeding, and Lilith is in control.

A bunch of the Hallowed then descended on Geppetto's shack and start calling out that they want him to come out. They're ready to fight and cause mayhem. They blow up Geppetto's shack. Geppetto tries to trick them into letting him get away, but they don't buy it.

Meanwhile, Oedipa sits down with Mr. Smith, Kovax's brother, who is the leader of Trystero, in his swank penthouse up on the Ark. He tells her that the device that Geppetto has was designed by Kovax, who was an art collector and gadgeteer. He had done a bunch of research on old world art that had been lost, and he created a database of all kinds of encrypted information about it on the little holo-device. Trystero wants the device so he can keep it away from Das Oberschicht who sit on the boards of several coroporations that Trystero are rivals with. He doesn't want them to get their hands on all this old art. He'd rather destroy the device or, preferably, get it for Trystero to humilate them. Oedipa is going to give him a fake sheet of cods. As she does, Picasso takes a shot at her with a sniper rifle, but misses. Some Das Obserschicht thugs break through the window, kill Smith, and take the sheet of fake codes. Seeing an opportunity, Oedipa checks the computer file on Smith's desk about the device and finds out where it is.

Lilith is going to kill Takumi, who is pissed because he doesn't even know her. He convinces her, though, that Das Obserschicht will just do the same to her that they're doing to him. She takes him to a doctor to get patched up. Meanwhile, The Hallowed chase around Geppetto, catching him and torturing him, but he manages to stash the sphere under a trashed building.

Lilith and Takumi are in Dr. Yakimoto's medical clinic.Takumi is fucked up, and the Doc is working on him.Some Grey League thugs show up to grab them.Lilith distracts them while the Doc finishes up working on Takumi.Eventually, though the Grey League guys get in and take them hostage.

Meanwhile, Oedipa gets to Gepetto's burned up shack where she's confronted by the Hallowed.She manages to escape, however, because the Hallowed guys are too drugged up to chase her.

Lillith and Takumi are taken by the Grey League guys to a dank basement where they're tied up and are about to be tortured.Takumi, however, manages to convince them that they don't know where the device is.Instead, they say, Gepetto knows.The Grey League is convinced and lets them go.Takumi, it turns out, has had Gina waiting for him to call her.Unbeknownst to Lilith, he had a chip that allowed Das Oberschict to track him.He had the Doc remove it, and he injects it into Lilith as he escapes with Gina.

Gepetto is violently confronted by Picasso, but Gepetto convinces him that he doesn't know where the device is.However, he says he can build them a new one.This impresses Picasso, who arranges for Gepetto to get a job with Das Obserschict.20 minutes in the future, Gepetto gets his wish... he has a lab that's stocked enough that he can download his consciousness into a doll.He hooks the electrodes to his head and pushes the button.....

Meanwhile, Oedipa calls up Agent Taylor and tries to make a deal with him.She says that if he helps her out, they can run away together.They meet, but Taylor is suspicious because he knows that Trystero's reach is everywhere.They meet and decode some of the codes that Oedipa had in the book.The codes are images and pairs of numbers.She writes the information down, and Agent Taylor tells her they have to take her in.There are Trystero guys there.Agent Taylor turns on them, though, and shoots them.Taylor tells her that the codes must be latitudes and longitudes.They escape, with Taylor telling Oedipa that Mucho will be dead by tomorrow, so they'll have to keep moving.....

Lilith comes to with Picasso standing over her."You don't look Asian.Or like a man," he says.Lilith explains the situation to him.Picasso doesn't believer her about what's going on.Lilith takes off running.Picasso knows he can't catch her, given her bionic legs.Picasso takes a shot at her that blows a chunk off of a building.Lilith catches a glimpse of a shiny thing in the rubble.She grabs it and rounds a corner.She hears the footsteps of Picasso running after her, but they run by.She's safe.Lilith now has the device, but she also realizes that she still has the chip in her.She makes her way to a populated area of Heavnside, betting on the fact that Das Oberschict doesn't want to make a big scene in front of a bunch of people.She orders a cup of coffee at a little corner shop there and she waits.Eventually, Picasso and the little guy show up.They sit down with her, and Lilith informs them that everyone can get what they want if they just listen.She will get them what they want if they never bother her again and set her up in the Ark.She says she has enough information on them that she can bring them down.20 minutes in the future... Lilith is sitting in her lush Ark home, with all the luxuries of the idle rich, not a care in the world.She throws away her treadmill because she's done running....