What is a Photo Action Role Playing Event? (PARP!)

A Photo Action Role Play is a group event that creates a narrative through still digital images and their captions taken over a fixed period of time. A specific list of story elements and encounters are provided at the beginning of the event for groups to incorporate into their stories. Most PARPs involve some sort of theme or are styled in a particular genre.

Rules for a PARP

1. You must have a digital camera and the means to upload your pictures to the internet in some manner that other people can see that allows for captioning (Facebook, Flickr, etc.)

2. A PARP is a group event. While there are no limits on how many people can be in your group, you must have at least two people to enter. There is no lone wolfing in PARP.

3. Every group will have the same fixed amount of time to capture their images and construct their story. All images and captions must be posted by the end time.

4. Don't be a dick. PARPs are fun, but not everyone is playing along - so respect the people in the real world around you.

5. Don't break the law. Just don't, okay? Also, see rule #4.

Suggestions for successful PARPing

1. A PARP is not the same thing as a photo scavenger hunt. The goal is to tell the most exciting and compelling story you can through your pictures, not just collect things on a list. Give yourself dynamic action shots and weird angles to play with.

2. The story elements are there to make things interesting. It is up to you and your group to interpret them in any manner you wish.

3. Outside of the basic rules listed above, there is no one "right" way to tell your PARP story. Play with the timeline, the point of view, the narration.

And that's PARP.

Hey, it's the ZOMBIE PARP!