Megan is an avid indie gamer and a regular host of The Jank Cast, Chicago's podcast about all things gaming. Up until the summer of 2010, the only RPG she had ever played was D&D. First edition D&D, at that. She has since remedied that situation in spades.

Megan has played these characters in the following games:

Silver, the spiritual leader of the Guides of the Golden Dawn (Hocus splat) in Apocalypse World - The Prom
Jammer, a roller derby girl turned vigilante in BASH
Ayizan, an elven shaman addicted to the elements (Animist Shaman class, Elemental Priest character theme) in Dark Sun (4E D&D version)
Nellie "The Pearl Pistol" Hart, a gunslinging outlaw out to make a name for herself in Dust Devils
Lilith, a cybernetically enhanced courier with a taste of the good life in Remember Tomorrow
Annie, a sexual sadist with a terrible secret (Criminal class) in Unhallowed Metropolis
Binky, a ninja who braved the Tomb of Alvin the Haberdasher in Labyrinths & Lycanthropes
Nina, a psychologist fascinated in madness caused by the Elder Gods in Trail of Cthulu
Brigitte Durand (resistante firebug) and Betsy Sinclair (codebreaking girl next door) in Godlike
Maggie Parker, knitting machine and kitten dress manufacturer in Freemarket
Imma bint Hasid, the Seamstress in 1,001 Nights
Lady Blackbird, noble woman on the run in search of her lost love, in the aptly named Lady Blackbird

Megan has participated in playsessions of the following games:

Fiasco (various playsets including Antarctica, touring rock band, Wild West, Break a Leg, British gangster, Anime convention)
Hell 4 Leather
Shab al-Hiri Roach
Zombie Cinema

Megan has helped create the following games and playsets:

Fiasco playset: Break a Leg
Fiasco playset: Outrageous Fortune
Fiasco playset: Home for the Holidays