The adventure begins in the tomb of Alvin the Haberdasher!

Cast of characters:

Binky the Rat, a halfing ninja
Fidget, a hobbit mage
Manny, a fighter who is too old for this shit
Fie-tor, a drunken dwarf that passed out before the adventure started

Things that happened:

Fidget fell in a spike pit while Manny and Binky stole a bunch of treasure.
Manny fought a bunch of exploding rats.
Manny and Binky fought ankle-biting goblins.
Everyone fought haunted top hats.
The party encountered some crazy praying mantis, fresh from robbing an imaginary stagecoach
The party fought a platoon of fashion maven skeletons, one of whom insulted Manny's Helm of Keepinyourbrains
The party encountered hysterical gyspies that cursed them.
The party fought Alvin the Haberdasher, who was eventually brought down by a mighty rock that Fidget threw at him.
On the way out of the labyrinth and back to town, the crazy insects covered Fidget in bags of confetti.
Back at the tavern, Fie-tor sobered up.