Welcome to D-Day: the Last Day of your Little Fuck-Off Lives!

The Maquis:

They are the French Resistance. Guerilla Tactics. Running an underground railroad. Killing Nazis. They are:

Timo: Claude Manchant
-- His power is that he can turn into a big, fuck-off wolf. Power is alternate form. He's doing this to protect his family and his people. He has to deal with his humanity as he does this. He's a country boy.

Megan: Brigitte Durand

Rob: Erich von Strohheim

Charles: Pierre Lafontane
-- Shapeshifter, born 1905, lived through first war. Knew a lot of people who died. He was ready to fight when WWII came. A little older (39), but almost feels like he missed out on the first war. He's ready to go. Can he only turn into people he knew who died?

Reek: Cristo
-- Was a bully in school, but became a back-alley doctor. (healing, interrogating)

The Allied TOG:

They run around doing espionage kind of stuff. Information gathering. Kicking ass if they need to. They are:

Megan: Elizabeth "Betsy" Sinclair

Rob: Roy Burgess

Timo: Tommy "Twitch" Hatcher
-- A human radio. Not too fighting oriented. He's got a twin. Everyone joked that they could always read each other's minds. Turns out- they can. His brother, however, is disabled, and not able to fight, so he's back at base relaying messages to him. He can read other people's minds, but it hurts like hell.

Charles: Edward Hoffmann
-- of German descent
-- A scout who can go for long periods of time without sleeping and eating. He's a hardcore soldier type who can lone wolf it.

Reek: Glenn Dodd, a.k.a. "Peepers". He can see over a mile without a problem. No need for a scope, just a sniper rifle!

The rest of the TOG Squad

Operation Overlord:

Session One: Show Me the Way to Go Home (July 5, 1944. 2300 hours)
January 17th, 2011: Timo, Todd, Charles, Megan, Rob

Session Two: Let's Go Kill Some Nazees! (July 6, 1944. 0100 hours)
January 24th, 2011: Timo, Todd, Charles, Megan, Rob, Reek

Session Three: The Curse of the Left Arm (July 6, 144. 0300 hours)
January 31st, 2011: Timo, Todd, Charles, Megan, Rob, Reek

Session Four: (July 6, 1944. 0800 hours)
February 16th, 2011: Timo, Todd, Charles, Megan, Rob, Reek

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