Hello, we are The Simple Pleasures School of the Everday MRCZ. Our purpose on the donut is to get freemers to enjoy the simple pleasures that life brings in all their variety and colours. We as people spend our lives search for bigger highs, larger more complex things, when really it's the simple things of life that make it worth living. Contact our educators for lessons in existential appreciation:

  • Maggie Parker- Cultivating Mom (who also happens to be a Switcher)
  • Zhang Shiao- Living Reference of Kung-Fu Knowledge
  • Johnny Katana- Kick-ass, Redneck, Trashman
  • The Count- Professional Suffering Consultant

Ping aggie in order to get directions to our current headquarters, which we share with Splatterburst.

Here are summaries of our accomplishments and life lessons learned so far!
On proper appreciation for one's neighbours and friends
Old friends, new friends and riding the Splatterburst Wave