A short campaign set in Dark Sun using the D&D 4e rule system.

Cast of Characters:


Dark Sun NPCs

Opening Forays - The Setup

The sun rises on the city of Tyr a month or so after the assassination of King Kalak. A Tyrian noble (Zainab) hires a ragtag group comprised of three former slave gladiators (Kai, Topo, Nkt'ini) and an elf shaman (Ayizan) to assist her in an investigation for the Council of Nobles. The party is to investigate the disappearance of several slaves around Tyr, these disappearances have caused civil unrust and rioting. Popular opinion and word on the street suggests that House Ianto is smuggling slaves out of Tyr to sell, but Jaden Marduke, the Council's representative, would like the party to investigate every angle.

Shifting Sands - Session One

The party began their investigation by returning to the gladiatorial pits so that Topo and Kai could leverage their contacts with other former slaves for information regarding the recent disappearances. An old sparring partner, Fark, informed them that many of the disappearing slaves where domestic slaves, including the disappearance of Se'ra, a slave who works for House Liden.

A thorough investigation of House Liden and the young Master Liden turned up a cabal of young Kalak sympathizing nobles, a plot to smuggle slaves out of Tyr, and a dead dwarf masseur named Jor'ak. Further investigation in the Warrens exposed the fact that former slaves are being smuggled out of Tyr to a recently-formed slave market in Altaruk, and that Master Liden and several other young nobles recently headed out on the road toward Tyr.

The party traveled overland toward Altaruk, facing the hazards of the Athasian desert and a group of silt runners on the way. Despite pressing hard, the party never overtook Master Liden or the other nobles. After six days of travel, the party passed beneath the gates of Altaruk, ready to uncover the black market slave trade.

The Fight for Freedom - Session Two

For a small fee, a local information broker, Tyranestra Hothands, introduced the party to a half-elf merchant clued in to the goings on in Altaruk. This merchant led the party to a slave auction taking place in the market, where many of the slaves being sold were slaves from Tyr, who should have been freed by King Tythian's decree. The party demanded the freedom of the slaves and ultimately secured it by force.

After an uncomfortable reveal of the truth behind Birk Suntouched, the party accepted an invitation by Arisphistaneles, the Mayor of Altaruk, to take care of the root of the black market slaver problem in Altaruk. Their investigation led them to a basement where slaves were being kept. A pitched battle with combatants falling on both sides eventually saw the party emerge triumphant.

Session Three - Play to come